Blood spilling, skin tearing, bones breaking

Glass shattering, dishes flying, doors crashing

Feet thudding

Fists slamming

Phones ringing

Sirens blaring

Distant voices whisper: “Help me, Love me, I’m sorry, I forgive you…”

Staples, needles, casts, bandages; to hold and heal the broken body

Towels, soap, water, hammer and nails, glue; to fix the broken objects

Love, wished for, hoped for, pleaded for; withheld; no healing for the soul is here

Fear, Shame, Victim, Perpetrator, clamour at the door

Hiding, Crying, Blaming, are residents

Silence; a cloak to hold the soul.

A hand gently traces the edges of the scars from long ago.

Love heals

Joy stirs

Peace is real.